California Skyline Remodeling leads the way in full-service home additions which integrate seamlessly with your home’s existing design. We believe that your home should grow and change according to your family needs. We plan, design, implement, and finance all room additions so that you may have the most updated and comfortable home that fits your family's lifestyle.The safety of our workers and the home owners is our first priority! We make daily inspections to make sure the site is clean and hazard free. Our sites are fenced and protected.


 Affordable Custom Design

California Skyline offers a free consultation and you get to keep your customized design. This will allow you to visually see the final product while tracking the progress of your project. Your design will also be your reference so you can ensure that every detail is included and nothing gets left out. Getting to keep the design will allow you to learn what goes on during the construction process and you will have peace of mind being able to follow along.

Added value to your home

Adding a new room to an existing house is one of our professional specializations. We maintain the highest standards of quality and safety. We supervise the entire project from start to completion, use quality products, and match the architecture of the existing house.


 blend seamlessly

All of our room additions blend weamlessly with your existing home. we take great pride in offering room additions that don't look like extensions, but in fact look like an organic part of your house.